The Trojan horse (Troy War)
The Trojan War was between the people of Troy and the Greeks. The war was lasting forever and they realized that surrounding areas were supplying Troy and that was why they couldn’t be defeated (Troy). In order to solve this problem Greeks were sent away from Troy to defeat the supporting areas. When the Greeks took over these areas they ended up ruining the Trojan economy and they also gained other resources that would help in war. The Greeks won a considerably number of battles but they couldn’t break down the walls of Troy. After 9 years of fighting, Odysseus finally came up with a plan to gain entrance into the Trojan fortress. His plan started with the construction of a large wooden horse that soldiers would be able to hide inside of (Trojan Horse). The horse itself was made by and artist by the name Epeius. When it was finished Odysseus and many Greek soldiers hid in the horse. When this was done the rest of the Greeks sailed away to make it look like they were giving up. One man named Sinon was left behind and he acted as if the horse was a sign of good luck left behind by the Greeks. With he reassurance the people of Troy brought the wooden horse into their fortress. That night they were all so happy about the war being over they had a celebration. While members of Troy were either asleep or drunk from the partying, Sinon let out the men hiding in the wooden horse and the Greeks took the citizens by surprise. After all the planning Odysseus went through with the Trojan horse it paid of and the Greeks were able to defeat the Trojans.

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The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse is initially, “A hollow wooden statue of a horse in which the Greeks concealed themselves in order to enter Troy.” (Trojan Horse) That’s exactly what the Trojan Horse was. The horse was built by a man named Epeius who was the master carpenter and pugilist. (Britannica)

Initially it was a stagey for all the men trying to enter into Troy during the Trojan War. The Trojan War was a war that took place in the city of Troy by the Greeks, this was all due to the fact that Paris of Try took Helen from her husband who was the king of Sparta. (Wikipedia) The wooden horse that would represent the Trojan Horse was halo inside so that the men could simply just hide in it and get past the people of Troy. (History of Trojan War)

After the men of Troy went to sleep, Odysseus and his men all got out of the horse and wreaked the city, killing people left and right, happy they got into the city of Troy while all of the men were sleeping. (How Stuff Works) At the end of the Trojan War, the men of Odysseus won the battle in their opinion because they killed off all the men of Troy and kept the woman and children as slaves for themselves. (History for kids) Overall, the Trojan Horse was simply just a strategy for the Greeks.

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